Integrated Internal Systems

Integrated Internal Systems

Integrated systems are a coordinated combination of the financial system and the Management system of the organization to achieve the goals of the organization.

Financial system: to organize financial operations through objectives such as (return on investment, return on equity, targeted profits, and availability of liquidity to carry out the organization’s activity.

Management system: to organize operations and ensure the smooth flow of business and procedures to ensure achieving the highest benefit within the organization and achieving Management goals such as (maintaining customers, building an active market, maintaining the quality of products and processes within the organization and related parties, complying with laws and legislation, and ensuring the continuity of the organization.

Financial System
It’s a group of policies and procedures and what follows to organize the company’s financial operations, achieve financial goals and organize financial operations such the availability of liquidity to carry out the activities of the organization and achieve the profit goal and the return on invested capital.

Management System
The Management system is defined as a framework of policies, processes, and procedures, followed by forms, reports, organizational structure in the organization, and job descriptions that the organization uses to ensure its ability to fulfill all tasks and obligations required to achieve its goals and continuity of the organization.

Whereas, the goals of the organization with the system are considered  the combination that covers aspects of the organization’s operations (including financial and operational success, product quality, customer relations, legislative and regulatory compliance, and labor management to reach the organization’s goals).

• Management department.
• Internal Audit department.
• Finance department.
• Purchases department.
• Warehouse department.
• Human resources department.
• Sales department
• Public safety department.
• Quality department.
• Manufacturing department.
• Credit and Collection Department.
• Development department.
** According to the activities in the organization…

Build Internal Systems
The system is construct on professional foundations, and based on the organization’s activity as follows:
• Studying the organization’s activity and analyzing the financial and Management operations and goals of the organization.
• Construct a system study plan.
• Construct the time plan for establishing the financial and Manage ment systems.
• Analyze departments and attach between departments through Man agement and financial operations.
• Construct the organizational structure of the organization and goals.
• Construct systems for each department separately (defining the department, department goals, department responsibilities, policies, procedures, reports, forms, and job descriptions for department employees) with attach joint operations with departments.
• Construct the internal control system and ensuring the continuity of applying the system.
• Apply of the system by the organization.

– Monitoring applying of the system and analyzing deviations in the application and handling.

The financial and Management system includes :

1. The financial and Management goals of the organization.
2. Organizational structure.
3. Job Description.
4. Employee responsibilities.
5. Comprehensive department file.
6. Effective control systems for the apply of the system.

Comprehensive File

The comprehensive file includes :
1. Department definition.
2. Department goals.
3. The organizational structure of the department.
4. Department responsibilities.
5. Department’s employee responsibilities.
6. Policies.
7. Executive procedures.
8. Department’s forms.
9. Department’s reports.
10. Department’s files.

Applying the system

The plan for apply the system in the organization by the quality department or internal audit includes some executive procedures, such:

1. Recruitment of competencies (the right employee in the right place).
2. Plan apply system and time plan
3. Apply the system and assigning responsibilities to department employee.
4. Training of employee on the system.
5. periodically studying the results of the apply and analyzing the deviation tions and treating them.
6. Study the achievement of goals.
7. The department concerned with following up the financial and Managerial agement system shall issue periodic reports on the apply of the financial cial and Management system, financial and Management goals, and quality goals.