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Integrated Internal Systems

Integrated systems are a coordinated combination of the financial system and the Management system of the organization to achieve the goals of the organization.


Internal Audit system is defined as being a combination of tools, procedures and methodologies that are used to protect the firm’s assets,establish an acceptable level.


SK will bring a collaborative and tailored approach to tax accounting. Our many years of experience with clients of all sizes and industries means we can get you or your business.

About SK

SK Consulting is one of the leading Consulting firm in Jordan SK is committed to providing services and solutions that assist customers in the Growth the business.SK strives to offer an optimal blend of integrated professional services to satisfy the varying and diversified needs of different business spectrum and be the comprehensive choice for customers. Hence, we developed several independent sectors that are interrelated and integrated. The partnership component of our firm is solid and stable since its establishment, this strong partnership base is considered one of the important reasons of the continuous growth and stability.

We give our best to develop your business

Business Plan

We can assist our clients in their pursue to create new venture, product, process or market. We support them to assemble and then integrate all the resources needed-the money, the people, the business model, the strategy, and the risk bearing ability- to transform the invention into viable business.

Our Mission

Is to formulate a plan for our clients to shape an idea or opportunity into a viable business.